Life with pets: Research Topics on living with animals

Has domestication induced cognitive changes in domesticated species? How can we optimize nutrition for dogs and cats? What is it about cats that makes their behaviors so enticing?

We put together the top Research Topics about animals living with us. Read about the amazing research done by scientists from across the globe. With more than 1.4 million collective views, researchers explored topics such as the benefits and history of human-animal interaction, how animals perceive and differentiate between humans, and what roles assistance animals can play in daily life.

Research Topics:

Exploring cat behaviors

11 articles | 87,000 views

Updating our understanding on the special qualities and behaviors of cats and scrutinizing our mutual interactions with these companions

Reimagining animal sheltering

22 articles | 113,000 views

Assembling evidence for or against critical concepts, programs, and methods related to community-based animal sheltering and support services which may shape the future of animal services

Benefits of human-dog interactions

13 articles | 229,000 views

Contributing to the current standard of understanding of human-animal interaction, suggesting future directions in applied research, and considering the interdisciplinary societal implications of the findings

Cognitive processing by domesticated animals

11 articles | 84,000 views

Bringing the latest findings cognitive processing by domesticated animals from a variety of species, approaches, and laboratories from international investigators

Early animal domestication

10 articles | 24,000 views

Collecting extensive genetic evidence and address questions of when, where, why, and how extant animals have been domesticated

The neurology of human-animal bonding

5 articles | 52,000 views

Debating the importance of energy transition, financial and trade globalization, and modern technologies, environmental-related technologies for sustainable development.

Human-animal interactions in early China

11 articles | 24,000 views

Developing natural and nature-based features to combine coastal engineering and ecosystem benefits.

How non-human animals perceive humans

20 articles | 539,000 views

Collecting original empirical work and review articles to get a more comprehensive and diverse picture on how humans are part of the sensory and cognitive world of non-human animals

Assistance dogs for people with disabilities

12 articles | 198,000 views

Representing a variety of approaches from various countries that elucidate and advance the roles of assistance animals representing the various aspects of the uses of assistance animals

Nutrition of companion animals

17 articles | 93,000 views

Showcasing novel ways to support innovation of pet food and dietary management of dogs and cats

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