Pride Month 2023: Article collections celebrating the LGBTQ+ community

Each June it’s pride month, a celebration of the LGBTQ community and their many achievements. To join in on the celebrations, we have put together Research Topics.

Read about the amazing research done by scientists from across the globe. With more than 820,000 collective views, researchers explored topics such as barriers to workplace equality, co-parenting fathers, perspectives on cancer issues affecting LGBTQ communities, and anti-transgender prejudice.

Read our closed article collections:

Barriers to workplace equality

12 articles | 221,000 views

Gaining a better understanding of workplace inequality affecting people from a range of social groups and categories, including members of the LGBTQ+ community

Cancer Disparities in Diverse Populations

18 articles | 67,000 views

Presenting current perspectives on cancer issues affecting the minority, including LGBTQ, communities by convening both community and academic investigators, clinicians, and stake holders from the translational, clinical and public heath communities

Transgender healthcare

14 articles | 199,000 views

Adding value to our current knowledge about the developmental origins and the influence of hormonal interventions on the mental and physical health trajectories of people with gender dysphoria

Co-parenting fathers

10 articles | 21,000 views

Exploring co-parenting in alternative family structures, particularly gay father co-parents

LGBTQ parents

15 articles | 135,000 views

Focusing on different areas related to the experiences and psychological outcomes of LGBTQ parents and their children, throughout the family life cycle

Mental health in marginalized communities

8 articles | 16,000 views

Assessing the prevalence/incidence of mental disorders among LGBTQ+ communities during COVID

Anti-transgender prejudice

3 articles | 11,000 views

Promoting research being done around the world to both understand and actively work to reduce the marginalization, discrimination, and oppression experienced by transgender people and people holding identities considered closely related to transgender identity

LGBTAQ youth perspectives

8 articles | 148,000 views

Understanding the psychosexual, physio-biological, and social development of LGBTAQ young people in family, school, and work environments

Submit to our open article collections:

Narratives of queer trauma

Collection editor: Mark Vicars, Victoria University

Examining the impact of trauma as it relates to the lived experiences of well-being on and in LGBTQIA+ lives in educational domains

Eating behaviors in the gender nonconforming population

Collection editor: Whitney Linsenmeyer, Saint Louis University

Accelerating research on the nutrition and eating behaviors in the transgender and gender nonconforming population

Violence against trans women

Collection editor: Erin Wilson, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Collecting research to characterize the epidemic of violence against trans women, especially outside the United States, as well as on approaches and strategies to prevent and address violence

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