Frontiers participates in One Sustainable Health for All Forum 2023 on inclusive and adaptive systems for health 

Open access publisher Frontiers is participating in the One Sustainable Health for All Forum 2023 co-organized by the One Sustainable Health for All Foundation and the French Development Agency (AFD). The event, which takes place 5-7 July 2023 in Lyon, France, focuses on inclusive and adaptive systems for health and is part of the larger goal to contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. 

Photo credit: One Sustainable Health for All Foundation

The three-day event brings together high-level political and technical stakeholders from more than 50 professional and civil society organizations working across the world on a holistic approach to health that considers human, animal, and environmental health. Participants will exchange knowledge and discuss recommendations drafted by the six international working groups from the One Sustainable Health Forum 2021. Together, they will map out the path towards the integration of a One Sustainable Health approach in policies, budgets, projects, and programs at the country level. 

The One Sustainable Health for All Foundation was created in September 2020 under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation in Lyon, France, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 highlighted the challenges of interconnected systems for health, which integrate health, food, water, energy, and ecosystems. The six international working groups were launched in July 2021 at the first One Sustainable Health Forum and cover a range of themes from climate change and environmental pollution to sustainable food systems and equitable access to health-related services. These groups have spent the past two years working on a holistic approach that moves beyond the universal health coverage agenda to adopt one that brings together sustainability and equity. 

Given the global nature of the event, it will take place as a multisite event, both on site and virtually, with international sessions planned live from Bangladesh, Brazil, Germany, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Senegal. 

Frontiers’ chief executive editor Frederick Fenter will serve as moderator for the first plenary session held in Lyon – ‘Mainstreaming One Sustainable Health for all.’ The session will look at the importance of sustainability and the urgent need to support the mainstreaming and convergence of the vital efforts in the areas of One Health, Planetary Health, and related domains. This is done by drawing on concrete examples from education, research, and health diplomacy. It will also share methodologies, mechanisms, and progress measurements for increasing awareness among people and policymakers in an equitable manner. The session features keynote addresses and case study presentations leading up to a panel discussion with the following participants: 

Frontiers is a signatory of the United Nations Publishers Compact, which is designed to accelerate progress to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. As part of this commitment and in line with its mission, Frontiers focuses on making science open to enable healthy lives on a healthy planet. It is only with open science and open access to all knowledge that effective global solutions can be reached. The One Sustainable Health for All Forum 2023 provides another opportunity to openly exchange important knowledge and progress towards common goals. 

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