Going to the beach? Here are some research topics on the world’s oceans

As we seek to escape the heat of summer at the beach, we are highlighting the top Research Topics on the world’s oceans. Join us by reading up on the incredible findings and solutions made by researchers from across the globe. With more than 1.2 million collective views, scientists explored topics and advanced fields, including work towards sustainable oceans – one of the sustainable development goals, strategies for the conservation of marine megafauna, research on how the oceans may provide food for humans, and insights into how oceans change.

Research Topics:

Conserving marine megafauna

35 articles | 104,000 views

Highlighting the multiple applications of tracking towards the prioritization of conservation goals

Ocean-based negative emission technologies

9 articles | 278,000 views

Aiming to initiate and catalyze a new branch in marine research that will help guide post-Paris climate policy and will therefore be vital for the Earth’s future

Microplastics in the marine environment

24 articles | 176,000 views

Gathering knowledge regarding impacts of microplastics in marine environments including robust sampling designs and methods, modelling techniques, mass-balance models to risk assessment predictions and solutions in a circular economy approach

Marine biosphere research to benefit society

30 articles | 168,000 views

Understanding of the role of economic, social, cultural, and political norms and values in marine governance, and integration of human behavior and decision making into global, regional, and local models

The Baltic Sea in transition

20 articles | 88,000 views

Covering the themes of Baltic Earth referring both to transition processes in the transition area between the North and Baltic Seas, and to temporal transition processes in the environment and regional climate and socio-economic system of the Baltic Sea and its catchment basin

Sustainable Oceans

25 articles | 162,000 views

Contributing to the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development by identifying the most urgent questions still in need of answering and by highlighting the pathways that will lead us towards a sustainable ocean

Marine mammal stranding

29 articles | 122,000 views

Providing a series of original research and review articles of the gross, histopathologic and clinicopathologic findings found in stranded marine mammals from a global research perspective

Foods from marine sources

10 articles | 29,000 views

Providing a comprehensive compendium of research studies which will aid in the development and optimization of foods from animal and plant marine sources

Biology and Conservation of Marine Turtles

11 articles | 107,000 views

Aiming to bring together the latest research and its application to highlight our understanding and identify new and emerging threats for marine turtles

Living on top of each other

15 articles | 28,000 views

Gathering a series of articles tackling the various facets of marine epibioses that will outline the current research trends and progress being made in the understanding of this complex phenomenon

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