Building the city of the future: Here are some article collections on sustainable cities

Cities are where many of us spend our time: to work, play, and live. To explore how this might be done sustainably in the future, we are highlighting the top Research Topics on sustainable cities. Join us by reading up on the incredible findings and solutions made by researchers from across the globe. With more than 720,000 collective views, scientists explored topics and advanced fields, including work on trends in urban agriculture, sustainable urban development, urban play, and well-being in urban environments.

Research Topics:

Legacies of land use in cities

10 articles | 132,000 views

Understanding the cultural, political and ethical dimensions of urban nature

Trends in urban agriculture

10 articles | 131,000 views

Using innovative systems to discover which urban agricultural practices are productive, ecologically sustainable, and economically profitable

Transformative urban greening

9 articles | 45,000 views

Aiming to take stock of and advance the current state-of-the-art in green space governance in a global perspective

Uncovering the hidden footprint of cities

13 articles | 95,000 views

Providing an overview of current research on urban microbiomes of city green spaces and other elements of the built and natural environments

Implications for the planning and management of healthy cities

68 articles | 77,000 views

Sharing the latest insights and findings of the physical environment and health, and practical implications to provide research support for policy development and evaluation

Towards sustainable urban development

25 articles | 32,000 views

Focusing on multi-source geo-big data for sustainable development and smart spatial planning decision-making

Urban play and the playable city

10 articles | 46,000 views

Comparing the various forms of play that occur in urban environments, from simple hide and seek games to augmented reality games, with the notion of the playable city

Urban metabolism options and trends

11 articles | 65,000 views

Understanding the costs and benefits of applicable solutions (or acceptable compromises) for future innovative policy-making and sustainable urban management

Greenness, health, and well-Being in urban environments

14 articles | 77,000 views

Addressing ‘urban greenism,’ green space and green built environments to enhance urban livability and sustainability

Urban (in)security and social justice

9 articles | 24,000 views

Collecting understandings of urban (in)security experiences, practices, and the implications for the incorporation of social justice in urban planning in post-colonial settings in the Global South

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