10 article collections to get into the back-to-school mindset

With the summer coming to an end, the back-to-school season always brings a distinct energy as teachers and students look forward to the next academic year. As we settle back into the classrooms and lecture theatres, take a look at the top 10 Research Topics that discuss the future of education and those shaping it.

Collecting over 964,000 views, scientists investigated educational subjects, including:

Neuroscience and educational psychology

15 articles | 252,000 views

Exploring how neuroscience can contribute to personalized learning and education

Motivational development in education

20 articles | 130,000 views

Enhancing academic performance in any educational context by exploring motivational development

Deep learning in education

55 articles | 124,000 views

Investigating the use of AI-related techniques in educational behaviors and settings

Education in a post-pandemic world

13 articles | 95,000 views

Examining assessment practices in virtual and hybrid teaching environments

Reading and writing skills

40 articles | 88,000 views

Exploring reading and writing in the post-pandemic world, including cognitive, emotional, social, creative, and digital aspects

New approaches for student well-being

17 articles | 67,000 views

Focusing on positive education as a driving force for inclusion and well-being in educational settings

Gender equality in higher education

10 articles | 66,000 views

Understanding initiatives that promote gender equity to develop future policies and practices

Emotion and cognition in higher education

35 articles | 53,000 views

Addressing how emotional and cognitive factors impact teachers’ performance with higher education students

The impact of inclusive schools

14 articles | 52,000 views

Studying the factors and variables harming or promoting social and academic inclusion

Innovation in higher education

23 articles | 37,000 views

Examining the innovative perspectives that are crucially important in modern education

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