Exploring consumer behavior: Must-read Research Topics

Understanding consumer behavior can contribute to decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, one of the tasks set by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #8: decent work and economic growth. 

In anticipation of the shopping season, we have curated a list of leading article collections that redefine our knowledge of consumer behavior. Accumulating over 500,000 views, scientists investigated patterns emerging from the online shopping era, the drivers of buying decisions, and the environmental impact of consumer purchases, including:

Consumers in the Internet era

37 articles | 180,000 views

Explaining how the Internet influences consumer behavior

Shopping in times of emergency

10 articles | 105,000 views

Exploring the different dimensions of panic buying

Consumer psychology in tourism

33 articles | 60,000 views

Focusing on consuming phenomena in tourism and hospitality

Consumer-brand relationships

16 articles | 54,000 views

Understanding the psychological facets of digital consumer behavior

Culture and consumer behaviors

26 articles | 64,000 views

Analyzing language and culture’s impact on organizations and consumers

Emotions and consumer behavior

12 articles | 25,000 views

Discovering the role of emotions in consumer behavior

Packaging labeling and food choices

10 articles | 21,000 views

Developing science-based approaches to front-of-pack labeling and nutrition

Travel industry and global emergencies

11 articles | 25,000 views

Investigating tourism consumption behavior in times of crisis

Consumption and the environment

10 articles | 19,000 views

Examining pro-environmental purchase intentions

Socially responsible consumption

10 articles | 12,000 views

Advancing research on consumers’ mental health

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