Life Science

Strawberry frogs are fickle in love

November 18, 2016

The highly-colored frogs are also called strawberry poison-dart frogs, sometimes used to poison the tips of blowpipe darts by indigenous people in Central America. The frogs live and reproduce in a variety of lowland and forest habitats. [...]

Taking stock of charcoal in the world’s soil

November 11, 2016

Forest fires hit the headlines all too regularly – in fact, fire affects about 4.64 million km2 of biomass per year, an area almost three times the size of Alaska. But after the fire something remains – stable carbon. This is the dark, charcoal-like form of carbon that’s left on the soil when vegetation is burned. It is not much of a pollutant though – it plays a role in both climate and soil science, because of its ability to absorb sunlight and store nutrients needed for plant growth. [...]