Frontiers forms publishing agreement with the University of Zurich

We are delighted to inform you that the University of Zurich is in a pre-payment agreement with Frontiers

The University of Zurich covers 25% of Article Publishing Fees for corresponding authors affiliated with the University who wish to publish in any Frontiers journal. An 8% pre-payment discount will be applied to the net price which would otherwise be payable for publication, after deduction of any other discounts that may apply.

To submit your article under this institutional agreement, please select ‘University of Zurich’ as institutional payer in the invoice section when submitting your article. Frontiers will then verify your eligibility with the University of Zurich Library, and if confirmed, 25% of the APC will be paid by the Library upon acceptance. You will receive an invoice from Frontiers for the remaining 75%.

To access the University of Zurich OA guide, and for information on whether you qualify for funding, please visit the Main Library – Open Access or email

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