Data Reports, a new type of peer-reviewed article in Frontiers journals

data report

Data Reports are a new type of Frontiers article: peer-reviewed, citable, and suitable for all publicly available sets of research data.

As an open-science publisher, Frontiers is keen to improve access to data. Too valuable to slumber in files, data sets should be curated and sharedreuse.

That is why we are glad to introduce a new article type: Frontiers Data Reports.

Data Reports are short, peer-reviewed, citable articles that describe a set of scientifically relevant data. The data must be deposited in a repository before submission of the Data Report, and become publicly available upon publication.

Data Reports should mention the methods used to collect the data and include suggestions for interpretation or reuse. The data may be analysed in a separate, past or future study, not necessarily published by Frontiers, but this is optional.

As of today, Data Reports can be submitted to most Frontiers journals. The introductory article-processing fee is 250 US$ per accepted Data Report.

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