What is Peer Review? It Depends Who is Asking!

By Frontiers

Frontiers for Young Minds and Knowing Neurons are excited to share the results of their collaboration on the question, “What is Peer Review?” In creating an infographic to address this question, we ended up with two versions targeted at two unique audiences. The first version – which you can find here – will be useful to undergraduates and other very early career researchers starting to navigate the research world. The second version, found below, is meant for K-12 teachers and students who want to learn about how and why scientists share their findings with each other.

Both infographics are published under a Creative Commons 4.0 NC license, so they are free for educators to use and distribute! We will be sharing the second version with our Frontiers for Young Minds team soon! Thank you again to Knowing Neurons for their work on this!

What is Peer Review Knowing Neurons Frontiers for Young Minds

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