Article and Author Impact Metrics available

By Frontiers

javiers-profile-author-level-impactDid you know that every article published in a Frontiers journal comes with a complete set of metrics and that this is just one of the quality services we offer?

Frontiers was the first publisher to offer Article Impact Metrics back in 2008, providing views and downloads for every article we publish. Frontiers’ article-centric focus is refocusing attention on what is published – rather than focusing on the journals in which the articles appear. Frontiers Article Impact Metrics are complemented with Altmetric® data on tweets, Facebook posts and media mentions on the paper.

In addition to Article Impact Metrics, Frontiers offers Author Impact Metrics.  These metrics aggregate individual article impact metrics for all the articles an author publishes in Frontiers and are available on authors’ Loop profiles.  Visit your Loop Profile and see your impact as an author.

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