Most viewed Neurology articles in July 2016


Longitudinal Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging CO2 Stress Testing in Individual Adolescent Sports-Related Concussion Patients: A Pilot Study
W. Alan C. Mutch*, Michael J. Ellis, Lawrence N. Ryner, Marc P. Morissette, Philip J. Pries, Brenden Dufault, Marco Essig, David J. Mikulis, James Duffin and Joseph A. Fisher

Functional Connectivity Is Altered in Concussed Adolescent Athletes Despite Medical Clearance to Return to Play: A Preliminary Report
Mary R. Newsome*, Xiaoqi Li, Xiaodi Lin, Elisabeth A. Wilde, Summer Ott, Brian Biekman, Jill V. Hunter, Pramod K. Dash, Brian A. Taylor and Harvey S. Levin

State Anxiety Subjective Imbalance and Handicap in Vestibular Schwannoma
Yougan Saman*, Lucie Mclellan, Laurence Mckenna, Mayank B. Dutia, Rupert Obholzer, Gerald Libby, Michael Gleeson and Doris-Eva Bamiou

An Abbreviated Diagnostic Maneuver for Posterior Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo
Pia Michael, Carolina Estibaliz Oliva, Marcia Nuñez, Cristian Barraza, Juan Pablo Faúndez and Hayo A. Breinbauer*

Intrusive Thoughts Elicited by Direct Electrical Stimulation during Stereo-Electroencephalography
Irina Popa, Cristian Donos, Andrei Barborica, Ioan Opris, Mihai Dragoş Mălîia, Mirela Ene, Jean Ciurea and Ioana Mîndruţă*

Aging Increases Compensatory Saccade Amplitude in the Video Head Impulse Test
Eric R. Anson*, Robin T. Bigelow, John P. Carey, Quan-Li Xue, Stephanie Studenski, Michael C. Schubert, Konrad P. Weber and Yuri Agrawal

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