Frontiers Data Services Workshop

Frontiers is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a Data Services Workshop on the 8 February 2017, to be held at the SwissTech Convention Center.  The event, entitled “Data Services in an Open-Access World,” will be open to the public without any requirement for prior registration; details about the program are provided below. 

The workshop will be held in the context of a week-long series of meetings of three open-science research consortia of the European Horizon 2020 framework program.  Text-and-data miners, library representatives, experts on e-infrastructures, public policy makers, and university researchers will converge on Lausanne to discuss progress and plans for these consortia. Frontiers is a full partner in two of these (OpenMinTed  and OpenUp ), and the third,  FutureTDM, will be sending  representatives to benefit from the critical mass of  expertise. 

With so many high-level experts already in town, Frontiers decided to  invite a few external representatives of leading data-driven organisations, companies, and institutions to participate in this one-day open workshop, to discuss themes that are of importance to both the objectives of the consortia, but also that have broader interest for all attendees:

Data Services in an Open-Access World

8:30   Assembly and Registration

8:50  Workshop Opening Message
Frederick Fenter, Frontiers

9:05  EPFL Welcome Message:  Let’s open science!
Isabelle Kratz, Director of Scientific Information, EPFL

9:20  Panel One: Data Needs of Data-Intensive Research

The Data Science of the Past
Frederick Kaplan, Digital Humanities Lab., EPFL

Dear Santa, I Want to do Computational Social Science,
Robert West, Data Science Lab., EPFL

Why must we digitally reconstruct and simulate the brain?
Henry Markram, the Blue Brain Project, EPFL

How do we mine and organize neuroscience data and knowledge?
Sean Hill, the Blue Brain Project, EPFL

11:00    Panel Two:  Institutional Data Needs

Open Data Policies at the EU
Jean-Claude Burgelman, Head of Unit Data, Open Access and Foresight, European Commission

Data services from the librarian’s perspective
Wolfram Horstmann, Chair, LIBER Steering Committee on Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures

OpenAIRE, OpenMinTed, and OpenUp: connecting services
Natalia Manola, Athena Research and Innovation Centre

Leveraging Shared Data to Connnect Publsihers, Institutions & Funders
Jennifer Goodrich, Copyright Clearance Center

14:00     Panel Three: Measuring and Interpreting Research Outcomes

Update on Microsoft Academic Services (MAS)
Kuansang Wang, Microsoft Academic Services

Tracking DOI use in Wikipedia and elsewhere
Geoffrey Bilder, Crossref

 Web of Science: Supporting and Interpreting Open Access Publishing
Tom Ciavarella, Clarivate Analytics

21st-century Technology for 21st-century Publishing
Daniel Petrariu, Frontiers

17:00        Closing Remarks


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