Top articles in 2017: Frontiers in Psychology

2,100+ articles published this year, from 7,100+ authors

Frontiers in Psychology - 2017 highlights

Psychology highlights

2017 saw further success for Frontiers in Psychology — the #1 most-cited Multidisciplinary Psychology journal in the world, with an Impact Factor of 2.323.

A warm welcome to the 918 new editors who joined the editorial board in 2017. We passed 10,000 published articles this year, while the number of new article views grew by more than 20% — demonstrations of the journal’s continued high reputation.

2017 figures* for the journal include:

  • 2,100+ published articles from 7,100+ authors
  • More than 12.3 million new article views
  • More than 1.9 million new article downloads
  • 1 new section launched (Evolutionary Psychology)
  • 6,155 editors

Thank you to our editors, reviewers and authors for these wonderful achievements, and we look forward to continuing the collaboration in 2018.

Top research in 2017

See some of the most popular 2017 research below — including the latest discoveries and insights on the effects of video games, the impacts of different education approaches and the persistence of neuromyths.

Hottest Research Topics

One of the ten Research Topic finalists in the 2017 Spotlight Award was also published in Frontiers in Psychology:

Top article picks

∗ To 30 November

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