Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Joins Frontiers List of Open Access Funders

We are delighted to announce that Chronos has formed a central invoicing agreement for open access publishing with Frontiers.

The Gates Foundation in line with its open access policy supports its grantees in publishing open access by covering article processing charges (APCs) and co-developing Chronos, a platform supporting the selection of open access publishing options and managing the invoicing of APCs.

While publishing articles in Frontiers journals is already compliant with the Gates Foundation’s open access policy, Chronos has now entered a collaboration with Frontiers to centralize and further simplify the invoicing process for APCs associated with articles by Gates Foundation grantees published in any Frontiers journal.

Gates Foundation-supported authors, when submitting an article, are asked to register with Chronos, and through this collaboration the invoicing and payment of the APCs will be arranged and aggregated directly between Chronos and Frontiers, with authors relieved entirely of this part of the process.

For more information, please visit the Gates Foundation website, or email

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