Frontiers and medRxiv integration announced

~  Clinical medicine research papers to be submitted directly to Frontiers from pre-print platform ~

Frontiers is pleased to announce that from December 19th 2019, authors can directly submit their archived manuscripts to its publishing platform via the medical pre-print site ‘medRxiv’. medRxiv is the third platform of this type to be integrated with Frontiers submission system.

The integration with medRxiv is the latest development in Frontiers’ endeavor to use technology to improve and streamline the scholarly publishing process and the services it offers authors, with the focus of medRxiv being medical and clinical research.

Marie Soulière, head of publishing operations at Frontiers, said: “Authors can now submit their research and the associated metadata directly from medRxiv to Frontiers. No less than eight of Frontiers’ health-research-related journals, which are all open access, will be available on medRxiv. This is great news for authors seeking to publish their research in our high-quality journals and make use of our collaborative peer review to further improve their manuscript before publication.”

“Every piece of research Frontiers publishes becomes freely and immediately accessible worldwide as soon as it is published. Ultimately, our partnership with medRxiv will aid collaboration and improve opportunities to share, learn more about, and improve healthcare.”

This is in line with medRxiv’s own mission to improve openness and accessibility to scientific findings in clinical and medical research, to be shared, read and built-upon by other researchers.

“medRxiv was launched to accelerate awareness of recent research findings and enable community conversation about those findings as a complement to the vital process of peer review. We are delighted that Frontiers has joined the growing list of peer-reviewed journals that recognize preprints as an important component in the communication of health science information,” says Dr John Inglis, a co-founder of medRxiv at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

The integrated Frontiers journals are: 

  • Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Frontiers in Endocrinology
  • Frontiers in Medicine
  • Frontiers in Neurology  
  • Frontiers in Oncology
  • Frontiers in Psychiatry  
  • Frontiers in Public Health
  • Frontiers in Surgery

In January 2019, Frontiers announced authors could directly submit from two other platforms: Chronos — a platform that enables researchers, research organizations, funders and publishers, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the biological sciences pre-print repository bioRxiv.


About medRxiv

medRxiv was founded by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), a not-for-profit research and educational institution, Yale University, and BMJ, a global healthcare knowledge provider. The server is owned and operated by CSHL.

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