Open University of Catalonia forms publishing agreement with Frontiers

Open University of Catalonia has formed an institutional membership agreement for open access publishing with Frontiers.

This institutional agreement means that eligible Open University of Catalonia researchers may benefit from a 10% discount under the terms of the CSUC Open Access publishing framework agreement.

The university library of the Open University of Catalonia supports its researchers in making their research more widely available. This agreement will further encourage Open University of Catalonia researchers to publish open access, increasing the volume of research openly available. While this reduces costs for the researcher, it also benefits the wider research community and the public at large.  

For more information on Frontiers’ institutional agreements please visit our institutional memberships page or contact to discuss the possibilities for your own organization. 

Information for researchers 

To submit your article under this institutional agreement, it is recommended you submit with an email domain affiliated to your institution. When submitting your article, please select Open University of Catalonia under the Institutional Agreements menu in the invoice section. Frontiers will then verify your affiliation with the Open University of Catalonia Library, and if confirmed, the discounted invoice will be sent to you via the Open University of Catalonia invoicing service.

For information on whether your article is eligible under this agreement, or if you require any further details, please contact

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