Frontiers wins LinkedIn’s Best Culture of Learning Award 2021 

Frontiers wins the Best Culture of Learning category at the 2021 LinkedIn Talent Awards.

Frontiers has won the Best Culture of Learning category at the 2021 LinkedIn Talent Awards. Each year, LinkedIn recognizes organizations that have ‘demonstrated adaptability, innovation, and creativity’ in the talent space through its learning platform, LinkedIn Talent Solutions.  

Frontiers has been recognized as the best middle-sized company in Switzerland for investing in the learning and development of its staff, connecting them to relevant and applicable training programs, and supporting their professional growth and development. 

Commenting on the award, Frontiers’ chief people officer Désirée Galicher said,  

“We foster a culture of learning throughout the organization and encourage our teams to pursue their professional and personal development goals using the platform, which we see as an excellent resource both in terms of its content and its flexibility. Our teams can learn at their own pace and according to what suits their professional needs and interests.  

“Training and development are of enormous value, and we see our people’s individual growth, and satisfaction as central to the success of the organization. Our Learning & Development Team has done great work in encouraging our staff, and we are very happy to have been recognized by LinkedIn for this work.” 

Frontiers’ team of more than 1,200 employees is now spread over forteen different geographies, with plans in place to grow significantly in the year ahead. All staff, regardless of role or location, are provided access to LinkedIn’s learning platform, as well as other training, support, and learning opportunities and initiatives throughout the year.  

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